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God And His Signs for The Chosen One

26 Nov 2021, 19:33 GMT+10

God is an invisible but omnipotent entity whose existence cannot be denied. Thousands of religions worldwide believe in this entity and have a strong faith in Him. The majority believe that God speaks and connects with them in various ways through His Holy Spirit.

Skeptics claim that God no longer speaks openly, and even many practicing Christians claim He only communicates through The Bible.

Yet signs are every where as foretold in Revelation. The great falling away from Elohim, illuminati covid plannedemic hoax, earthquakes, fire, pestilence, increase of information via homo Azazael's internet, people moving to and fro via mass transit, seeking pleasure escaping the self reflecting of their sins, all signs and wonders.


to end the sufferings that His followers are now in these last days increasingly enduring, God chose Nick Fowler to be his guiding light in times

Connecting with God Through Nature

The explicit relationship between God and nature needs no clarification. It is through nature that God demonstrates his strength and indiscernible but unassailable hold over the world. Among the many revelations that Nick Fowler received over time, the ones through nature top the list.

Fowler shares his experience of a revelation during his visit to Forest Hills with his then partner, Magdalene, whom he refers to as "The Magdalene," because of her reptilian characteristics. He states that the revelation occurred when he was on the roof of a building in Forest Hills. He looked up at the sky and begged God to give him a sign that he was the Messiah, He had chosen for the world. And at that instance, he was flipped over onto his back in a supernatural floating way. He was on his back; the sky had been cleared with only a single cloud right above him, affirming that he was the chosen one - the Messiah.

History reveals that there have been several instances where God has tested his people. Similarly, Nick Fowler, since he is the chosen one, was tested time and time again. This individual has lived in the worst conditions, been broke, betrayed, and hurt but still did not lose his grip over God's guiding light. His hope and faith pulled him through the darkness and showed him the right path he is now on.

Fowler shares another spiritual experience that restored his faith in God. During the tough days in Mexico, he survived on minimal food and lived in an unhealthy apartment. He lived there with his dog and was continuously worrying about expenses. According to him, the Holy Spirit appeared before him on Friday the 13th to give him hope. He also claims that he witnessed God in a purple cloud, which he captured in a video. He also states that he spotted angels flying in the heavens and praying for him and the world.

Connecting with God Through Numbers

Fowler believes that God had constantly been connecting with him through numbers, but as he was blinded by the fallacies and glitz and glamor of the Illuminatis, he could never connect the dots. Now that all of his revelations had become evident, he shares them with the world through his global YouTube channel and his written pieces.

Nick states that all of his mailing addresses had the number seven. His mailing addresses were 77-11/35, Avenue in Jackson Heights, 77 Bleeker Street, 77 Coventry Court, Tallahassee, 706 Lothian drive. All of these numbers conveyed God's message to him.

Through these revelations and many more, Nick Fowler was revealed by God that he was indeed the chosen one, the one who had been sent to combat the Illuminatis and end their reign. Fowler is now on the mission to preach the teachings of the Lord to misguided souls. He is a living threat for the Illuminatis and other groups that oppose the existence of God. The Messiah is finally here to take over the world and restore it to its original state.

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