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Without a doubt, Diamond painting is a fun and pleasurable activity that allows you to put all that extra time to use. Nevertheless, it demands a great deal of patience and maybe exceedingly tiresome. It is an achievement to complete a diamond painting precisely the way you want it, but let's face it, we're all humans, and we're not perfect or immune to mistakes. Even when we put up our best effort, we tend to make mistakes from time to time.

However, you don't have anything to worry about as you're not alone! Everyone, from the most skilled diamond painter to the most inexperienced diamond painter, may run into problems where their painting does not proceed as planned at some point.

Here are some of the most prevalent diamond painting art issues, as well as some excellent solutions for resolving them so you may keep creating to your heart's desire!

Problem: A Curling Canvas

When keeping a diamond painting, it's normal to practice folding it. The issue arises when you try to unfold it again and are concerned that your painting will not be as perfect as when you first folded it up and that it may never be flat again!


You need not stress as we've got your back! There is more than one way of uncurling that canvas. Let's have a look at each of them successively.

  • Lay Canvas Beneath Heavy Objects
  • Most painters prefer to place their canvases underneath heavy objects such as a mattress or a pile of books to help flatten the image and smooth out any creases. Even if there are no creases on your canvas when you initially take it out of the box, it may not be easy to work on straight away because each diamond art kit includes a rolled-up canvas. As you strive to put your drills correctly, the canvas may roll up, making it more difficult than ever to work with it. Working on a smooth, flattened surface is much easier. Remove your kit from the box as soon as possible and place it under many hefty books, your mattress, or even a stack of other canvases.

  • Use An Iron
  • Suppose you try to iron your canvas after you've added diamonds. In that case, you'll most likely melt the drills and reduce the canvas's adherence even more. If you receive a fresh kit and see a bunch of creases in the canvas that you'd like to remove before you start, set your iron to low, position the canvas face down on a level surface, and cover the top with a towel. Although some internet ideas urge water or steam, we advise consumers to avoid spraying water before ironing because it may affect the glue.

  • Use A Heating Pad
  • This method is preferable mainly because it gives a quicker result than placing the canvas under heavy objects. It's also the most popular as almost every household has a heating pad and the chances of affecting the canvas glue are very minute.

    Set a towel on a flat surface, then place the heating pad on top of that, then another towel on top of that, and finally your canvas on top of that. The right side of your design should be facing up (not towards the heating pad). Turn the heating pad to a low or medium setting and leave the canvas on for 10 to 15 minutes before switching it off and letting it cool.

    Problem: Loose Diamonds

    We put a lot of effort into ensuring that our applicator grip and wax create a flawlessly secure adhesive, so you shouldn't have any problems adhering to our kits. However, the hold of your jewels on the canvas might be affected by particular locations and conditions.


    Use any glue on your diamond art canvas to solve the problem, so feel free to experiment with glue pens and double-sided adhesive tape for diamond painting. You can even try replacing the primitive wax with blue-tac!

    Additionally, always leave your diamond painting standing up after you're finished. You'll be able to fix any gems that try to escape and fall out of position while it's standing. Press them back into their squares with a toothpick.

    Problem: Diamond Spillage

    Everyone has experienced the disaster of having all of the diamonds you had spread out on the table now glittering on the floor. You may be tempted to yank your hair out, but fear not, we have got you covered!


    Using a portable vacuum on the low setting is the best approach to pick up fallen jewels (or one of those retro non-electric sweepers). Use a portable vacuum to dump and reuse all of the stones you collect.

    Problem: Missing Diamonds

    Given the small size of the diamonds, I'm sure all diamond painting enthusiasts can agree that even if you are careful, you're destined to lose a few in the process.


    We recommend getting a few extra colors so that you don't have to stop what you're doing while waiting for a shipment of extra rhinestones to arrive. Make sure you're ready beforehand. You can never be over-prepared, but you can most certainly be too unprepared.

    Problem: You Can't Choose the Perfect Design

    Feeling a little overwhelmed by the abundance of wonderful diamond art kits available? It can be difficult to pick just one of the numerous gorgeous options available, ranging from abstract art to inspiring vistas.


    There are plenty of genres to select from, including landscapes, animals, fantasy, and even custom ones! So find something that suits your taste and makes you happy. Remember, this is an investment of your time and effort, so make the most of it if you can. Believe me when I say that finishing your project and showing everyone you know is a fantastic feeling. Not only do you want people to think it's beautiful, but you must feel content and relaxed as well.


    You can expect a great experience from the first stone you apply if you purchase your diamond art kits from a trustworthy dealer. The thing that sets us aloof is that we pay great attention to our clients' wants and wishes before developing goods that they require. With solutions for a curl-free canvas and a strong adhesive, you'll discover that difficulties with our kits are less common! We hope you enjoy your diamond painting experience, whether you are a veteran or this is your first time purchasing a diamond painting kit. With that, Happy Crafting!

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