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Benefiting The Needy Through Cryptocurrency

03 Dec 2021, 19:51 GMT+10

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain platform as a whole are a notion that was not met with the best welcome in the beginning. But with time, it rose to the stage where none could undermine its authority and importance in the financial world. It gave many benefits to investors and traders. However, aside from monetary and technological advancements, it was not geared to be utilized for anything else. This is where the entry of ELONGATE changed the game and brought a way to share the benefits of crypto with the underprivileged side of the world.

In the beginning, cryptocurrency was considered a joke by society, and critics shunned the very idea of digital currency. Like many other innovative ideas, crypto received minimal public support, which was predicted to disappear soon. However, as time passed, people dove a bit deeper into the core of cryptocurrency and discovered the many benefits that cryptocurrency brought to the table. Gradually, the benefits and true worth of cryptocurrency were realized, and the importance and value of the cryptocurrency platform sky-rocketed. Cryptocurrency became a shining star in the commodity and asset department, with the leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum becoming the most valued assets of the century.

Crypto soon dominated the stock and asset market and is considered a necessary portfolio commodity for any investor or trader. Crypto rose from the grounds of being considered a joke to being one of the most important and beneficial assets of all time. Many influential personalities began promoting crypto and the possibilities of innovation it could bring to the modern world. An example would be Elon Musk, one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs and business magnates in the world. He has contributed heavily to the rise of cryptocurrency and also caused one of the most epic market rises of all time with mere tweets about crypto.

The financial and investor circle was benefiting from this invention, but the situation had not changed for the other side of the coin. The main factor that elevates any asset to the grandest status is its ability to accommodate all demographics with its existence. Crypto's lack of this ability was becoming a hurdle in its rise to greater heights. This gap in ability was filled with the development of a new cryptocurrency called "Elongate."

Elongate was launched on March 25th, 2021, and is based in Switzerland. The leaders behind Elongate had the common goal of making an asset that benefited both the financial market mongers as well the less fortunate of the world. The new breed of crypto got its name after a tweet from Elon Musk about any scandal related to him being called Elongate. It got its name after an Elon Musk-related tweet; it was initially thought to be a meme-based crypto-like many others before it. However, the goal and ideology behind this cryptocurrency was anything but humor-related.

Elongate revolutionized the way of helping the ones in need and filled a significant gap between crypto and charity. The main reason behind its development was to serve and empower charitable authorities in helping more of the aching world. Therefore, it uses the transaction costs to prove beneficial to the holders while making generous donations to many major charitable causes. Elongate has brought the perfect situation to reality where everybody wins.

The creators of the crypto expressed their thoughts that crypto made it possible to realize the ultimate philanthropic dream. After some deep research, we found a way where investors and holders could make profits from their investments, and the same assets could be used to empower charitable acts. Although the present world is portrayed as a dog-eat-dog world where there is no compassion or care for the fellow man left anymore. However, once introduced, well-wishers and kindred souls unite under a good and stable platform that can empower them to help the helpless. A massive example of this can be taken from Elongate's progress as just within two months of its launch. The cryptocurrency has already raised over USD 3,500,00 for numerous charitable organizations. A few of the more notable organizations that Elongate has empowered are Children International, Human Relief Foundation, and Action Against Hunger.

Elongate delivered on what it promised, unlike many other entities that have been seen in history. It set out to bring a positive change in the world through the power of cryptocurrency, and its progress of philanthropic strides in the few months since its launch is definitive proof of its success and will continue to be in the near future. Investing in Elongate will be a win for the investor and be a big step in winning the ultimate battle of bringing a positive change in the world where no one suffers.

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