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Kibo Eclipse is an online training program designed to help people step into the e-commerce business. This program by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton follows a step-by-step approach to train a newbie, explaining how it works, with examples, illustrations, and practical methods to learn better. It is even suitable for people with no prior experience in business or digital marketing. And here is the best part; this training is online, which means anyone from any part of the world can be a part of it, with no limitations or boundaries to learn.

But what is the Kibo Eclipse? Is it worth spending your hard-earned money? Continue reading this Kibo Eclipse review to find out.

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Kibo Eclipse Reviews

Kibo Eclipse is a training tool to start a career in eCommerce. Before looking into how it works, it is necessary to know what it is all about and what makes it different from other programs.

Ecommerce or electronic commerce means selling and purchasing goods without a physical store or outlet. All the dealings take place online, and the transactions can be business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer (C2C), or customer-to-business (C2B). The value of this global e-commerce trace will cross $4.28 trillion by next year, showing how many opportunities it holds for newbies.

This high growth rate also indicates the chances of success if you know how to take steps. Fortunately, Kibo Eclipse is here to make it all easy for you and help you be a part of this grand international economy.

This program will explain various digital marketing tools and strategies that increase the chances of generating some income. It does not need any professional degree, training, experience, or age. This is like working from home, and you only need a laptop, a phone, and an internet connection to start your journey. With these basics, let's start the Kibo Eclipse review and see how it works.

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What is the Kibo Eclipse Concept?

Kibo Eclipse is a new program that is an improved version of the previous program from the same creators called the Kibo Code Quantum concept. It is a newly released program based on a famous brick-and-mortar store based in Tokyo, Japan.

This model uses a basic art of marketing by diverting high traffic to the online store and making sure most of these visitors become buyers. All the Kibo Eclipse students will learn the basics, i.e., how to set up a store, attract the audience, ensure orders, and expand the products during the course. This learning will be immediately used in practice and will show results too.

So Kibo Eclipse appears to be a predictable but highly-profitable marketing strategy model, with no comparison with any other program. It allows all the students to earn money without using any of the following.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Amazon affiliate
  • Customer interaction
  • Communicating with foreign suppliers
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Interacting with warehouse
  • Upfront payments

As mentioned before, it is an upgraded and advanced version of the Kibo Code Quantum. This program was a hit and helped almost all the trainees to strengthen their steps in this digital world. With the Kibo Eclipse program, the expectations are already high, as it will be bigger, latest, and better than the previous one.

Do not think of it as the same program as Aidan and Steve have launched in the past. It is absolutely not a repacked version of Kibo Code Quantum because it is also open for the students who were a part of the previous program. The information in Kibo Eclipse will polish their skills, providing them software access and new tools to achieve better outcomes in less time.

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Who Has Created the Kibo Eclipse?

This program is developed by two digital marketers and trainers, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Aidan is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of professional experience in this field. While Steve has strong affiliations with the corporate world, he joined hands with Aiden in 2013. Ever since the duo has been working on combined ventures and training programs to prepare more people for the eCommerce world.

This duo owns various online businesses that include niche websites, individual setups, e-com stores, and also some training programs. These training programs have helped thousands of people start earning within the comfort of their house, and with Kibo Eclipse, they aim to add more to this community.

Working Of Kibo Eclipse Explained

To start with, let's get one thing straight. Kibo Eclipse is not the typical e-com training that teaches you how to be an Amazon seller. There is no hefty investment, no need to buy any inventory or communicate between manufacturer and customer. Here is what you will be doing.

  • Find an attractive, brand-worthy domain
  • Use this domain to establish an e-commerce store
  • Pick a theme that meets the nature of the store and draws viewers
  • Choose products that are high in demand with a better profit margin
  • Add these selective products to your online store
  • Use advanced strategies and tools to bring traffic to your online store
  • Earn profit with every purchase
  • Add more products, or open a new store and manage the traffic and sales.

The whole idea of Kibo Eclipse is to help you build an online setup where you can sell some interesting products. These products are not picked on personal preferences but based on the selling lists. By selecting a profitable product that is desirable to most people, the chances of sales increase. And when new products are added to the store, you automatically learn which type of products interest the audience. This process can be repeated as many times as a person wants.

All Kibo Eclipse students will get access to the following.

  • Direct training
  • Dashboard access
  • Product pages
  • Access to the communities
  • Tools and software
  • Storefronts
  • Instant tech support and much more

It also explains how to generate traffic by using both free and paid marketing strategies. Eventually, you make your place in the eCommerce world as a successful marketer.

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Duration Of Kibo Eclipse Program

Based on the information shared online, the Kibo Eclipse program would take eight weeks to complete. It is short-term but comprehensive and covers all things it takes to start your own online store. It has seven modules, and the trainees will get access to some free stuff too. All this information would be delivered using some video lectures, live sessions, and reading materials.

Modules Inside The Kibo Eclipse Training Program

During these eight weeks of training, all Kibo Eclipse students will attend the following.

  • Recorded video tutorials
  • Live webinars
  • Online training
  • Additional training sessions
  • Bonus sessions on marketing strategies

This learning will be made in seven modules, covering all aspects of eCommerce. Here is what to expect from each of these modules.

Module one - Central Intelligence

The first module will explain the basics of what is inside this training program, what eCommerce is, and what the students would learn. As to professional training, it will educate on pricing games, introduction to eCommerce platforms, building online stores, information on how to generate income, and tips to grow the store.

Module two - Storestorm

Next is the store storm, an application that helps establish a website in no time. It saves time and effort for the student, and he can use his focus on other things to start his first store.

Module three - Handpicked Products

Next is to understand products and how to pick the most profitable one among the millions of available products. If you have picked the right products, you can even earn up to $200 a day, selling only three of these products. So you will get a list with a detailed description of products, with information on its potential. You can explore this list and choose products that best meet your business strategy and help generate revenue within days.

Module 4 - Profit Vault

The next module in Kibo Eclipse is Profit Vault. Here you will learn how to choose products and suppliers who are ready to start a business with you. You may find pictures and product descriptions here that you can use for your store, with no editing needed.

Module 5 - Traffic Black Box

In this module, you will learn the most important part of this entire program. The Traffic Black Box teaches you how to bring traffic to your online store. It includes free traffic and traffic generated using paid tools. It includes Facebook and uses tools like SEO to get all these people to your website.

Module 6 - Oracle X

The second last module is Oracle X that will help you keep a record of the sales and performance. You will learn the automated process for selling these products. Also, you will find direct access to various unique domains for new eCommerce businesses.

Module 7 - Kibo Academy

The last module in the Kibo Eclipse training program is the Kibo Academy that brings you directly in consultation with the gurus, Aidan Booth and Steve. It is a complete troubleshoot guide for the Kibo students. You can bring on your issues and discuss them, hoping to find a solution. All the students will also get direct access to the Kibo Code community with immediate email support for the future.

Completing all these modules is easy, even if you have a full-time job. This training works well for everyone, no matter if you are a student, a housewife, or a retired person. The best thing is that there is no waiting time to start the Kibo journey. You can practice the tools and use the learning from these modules in practice right away while still completing the training.

There is no guesswork involved, and this entire program is based on real information. The chances of this information not being legit are zero. Aidan and Steve keep a close eye on the changing marketing trends and share the new tips in live sessions with their students too.

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Bonus Items For Kibo Eclipse Students

The Kibo Eclipse creators want the students to gain all the knowledge they may need to start a career in the digital world. They provide some bonus items for all students, at no extra cost. Here is a list of Kibo Eclipse bonuses.

  • Kibo Code Live Recordings: these sessions will be conducted live by Aidan and Steve, along with some guest speakers to motivate the students.
  • The Secret Mastermind: it includes workshops learning new digital strategies, modes, and plans to ensure success. This information will provide a deeper insight into successful marketing campaigns, advertisements, and tools and take inspiration from them.
  • 7-Figure Scaling Secrets: it includes live training sessions to expand the online sales to seven-figure earnings.

Kibo Eclipse Price and Bonus

The Kibo Eclipse program is well-built to meet all possible needs of the students, including affordability. For those who want to earn money in less time, this program is a decent start. However, some people may find it costly too.

The total price of the Kibo Eclipse training program is $3,497. You can pay it all at once or in four monthly installments.

The program is certainly not cheap, but it is worth its price. Everything inside this program is based on the professional knowledge of the creators and the latest trends in marketing. Do not think of it as an expense; consider it an investment for the future, as you will earn this money within a few weeks after training.

The company offers a 30-day money-back offer, during which a student can choose to get his money back if he does not find this training helpful. Some people may question why they have to pay for this information while the internet is full of similar content. The truth is that all that content is general and does not tell any practical way of earning money.

The Kibo Eclipse program uses practical information, and the outcomes of this information show up right away. The purpose of this training program is not to earn money but to help people establish and learn the marketing tactics while coming out of the regular education, job culture.

There is no waiting time, and the training results start showing right away. If you are not clear on something, tech support is offered to all students. You can even ask direct questions to the creators during the live sessions.

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Additional Costs

The company does not hide anything from the public. What most other training programs do not tell you is their additional costs. It only gets clear when you have already spent your money on that program without going back. However, there is no such issue with Kibo Eclipse, and even the additional costs are clearly mentioned by the company.

Other than the $3,497 that you will pay for the training, here is a list of small payments you are expected to pay as a part of learning digital marketing. This price will be used on the tools you will be practicing for developing your online store. It does not go to the Kibo creators or the company at all.

Domain charges: first, all domains come for a price, and to get a catchy one, you may pay $15 to $20 on average. The domain price depends upon various factors, including age and registrar. So all of you may not get the exact same price for the domain of your interest.

Hosting price: next is the hosting price that is spent on the eCommerce website. It depends upon which package you are using, and you will pay between $10 (private hosting) to $40 (shared hosting) per month for it.

Advertising cost: you are also expected to pay advertising costs, depending upon which tools you are using to generate traffic. There is no advertising cost if you use free tools.

Kibo Eclipse Reviews Conclusion

If you want to start a career in digital marketing and have no information, Kibo Eclipse will teach everything in baby steps. It does not matter how educated you are, what your profession is, and whether or not you knew about digital marketing before. This program is created to educate, train, and polish marketing skills at the same time.

Coming from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, two people with amazingly successful careers and mentorship, there are high chances this program will be a hit too. The name of its creators is enough to build trust.

Visit the official website today to know more about the Kibo Eclipse program.

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