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Why Should You Adopt a Hot Desk Booking Solution

25 Apr 2022, 18:42 GMT+10

Hot desking is a part of the broader hybrid workplace trends. It is the setup that untethers employees from the traditional office. Hot desking is often said to be synonymous with flexibility. Experts believe that it is one of the foundations of hybrid work environments.

Hot desks enable employees to break away from the concept of permanent desks and explore the world of mobile working. And when it is applied alongside the right technological facets, it helps improve productivity.

Though not a new concept, hot desking has been gaining traction as an after effect of the pandemic. It was first introduced in the 1990s by organizations with a large population of salespeople and telecommuters.

These employees would barely be in the office. Therefore, flexibility around their desks would make sense. Hot desking work continued to be a part of the workplace culture but was limited to a fraction.

Now, its role in a flexible working model is massive. Organizations are realizing that such concepts have broader implications with the entire workforce flexible.

The idea of hot desks is quite simple. Instead of having one assigned desk, employees can choose from a host of available desks.

Research indicates that hot desking cuts down operational costs by 30%. And with real estate being such a vital part of the hybrid workplace approach, hot desking is what thrives.

But the question is - should your organization adopt it? Let us find out.

1. It is Cost-Effective

This work arrangement is an effective way to use less office space. Think of it like this. On your busiest day, only 60% of your employees are coming to the office. This means that 40% of your desks will never be in use.

You can cut out on these desks and turn them into collaboration spaces by adopting hot desking.

If it cuts down on the unused desks, it also means that the cost of maintaining those desks will reduce. Hot desking opens up avenues for downsizing your office space as well. And if you have less office space, you save money.

Therefore, it is evident that you save a lot when you install hot desks for your hybrid office.

2. It suits both on-site and remote workers

The concept of hot desking is all about using desks available for the day. When your regular on-site employees come to the office, they book desks before their visit. So, if you have your remote employees visiting the office for a day, they can pick available desks.

If employees want to collaborate, they can get desks close to each other. Hot desking makes this possible.

Hot desking suits a modern and multifunctional office. With only a segment of the employees coming to the office, hot-desking is the perfect solution to manage your employees.

3. It gives your employees autonomy

The hot desking model primarily allows your employees more autonomy. The idea is to remain flexible. The part where employees are returning to the office is based on the flexibility offered. This means that your employees can choose what their workplace will look like.

For instance, your employees like to huddle more often and require their desks to be closer to their colleagues. This concept accommodates that. If an employee wants to work in isolation, hot desking allows them to pick a similar desk.

Therefore, we can say that hot desks allow employees to be flexible and give them the power of choice. And this power of choice is what drives a hybrid workplace.

4. It encourages a social culture

There was a time when private offices were more valued. However, the pandemic has flipped this situation. People working from home come to the office to collaborate with their team members.

Therefore, they would want desk spaces that allow them to interact with their colleagues easily. They want workstations that are in the same vicinity. Since hot desking removes the concept of fixed, assigned desks, employees can sit wherever they feel comfortable.

Also, it follows an open floor concept, which leads to people interacting more with each other. Therefore, boosting social culture in the office.

5. It helps boost productivity

If you visit the office to collaborate with your colleagues, you wouldn't probably need a desk. Or say you have several calls to attend and need a quieter place, you can leave the desk for someone else to use.

Hot desking makes all of this possible. Since you no longer have to fight for desks, you can focus on doing what matters. Therefore, hot desking helps improve productivity by removing friction from your workspace.

To Conclude

Hot desking is gaining traction and has become essential to a hybrid work model. Do you need a hot desking solution? Look no further than WorkInSync. From an interactive floor plan to finding your colleagues, our hot desking solution has many features that make your workplace flexible.

You can opt for a demo to know how WorkInSync can help you.

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