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What to expect with a timeshare cancellation?

25 Jun 2022, 08:02 GMT+10

Timeshare has been there for many years now. People get excited by the thought of owning a lavish resort as a vacation home. Who doesn't want to enjoy a 'free' gift along with a beautiful vacation? Everything seems rosy until reality sets in. After a couple of years of your timeshare ownership, you find that it is taking a toll on your finances. You are not able to afford your timeshare's sky-high upfront fees. Probably, you have had bad timeshare vacation experiences and you no more want to pay for it.

You are so frustrated with timeshare ownership that you want to get out of this contract. Let's be frank. Getting out of a timeshare is not easy. However, it's not impossible to break free from timeshare fees. But, you should know what the timeshare cancellation process brings along. So, below is what you can expect out of a timeshare exit.

Decide to cancel

The main reason why most people desire to leave their timeshare is that the cost of ownership has increased. Although it might have looked like a good idea at the time, the upkeep costs ended up being too much to bear.

Some people could discover that they didn't use their timeshare as much as they had imagined. Paying such fees for a timeshare you aren't using makes no sense. Even if you've long cherished the timeshare, you might wish to sell it.

Cancel the timeshare contract

Many people think that selling or renting their timeshare is the best way to get rid of it. But, these properties don't have much value. Rather, you can talk to a resort developer and ask if there is a way to transfer your timeshare contract. Some resorts allow timeshare owners to transfer their timeshare to a third party.

One reliable way to cancel your timeshare is to work with a good timeshare cancel company, like the Timeshare Freedom Group. Read Timeshare Freedom Group reviews to get an idea of their services. A timeshare cancel company knows the industry inside and out. They can deal with the resort developers easily, relieving you of a lot of unnecessary stress.

How long does it take to cancel a timeshare?

You want to terminate your timeshare agreement as soon as you've made the decision to do so. It takes time and can be a tiresome process. If you decide to cancel the timeshare within the 'right of rescission' period or grace period, you can cancel without too much trouble.

However, if it's been some months or years since you signed the contract, it will take some time. Timeshare resorts make money through maintenance payments and will leave no stone unturned to retain you. It might take from 9 to 18 months to cancel a timeshare in the majority of cases.

If you choose to work with a timeshare cancellation company, you can accomplish the task easier and faster. You just need to fill out some paperwork, grant them a limited power of attorney so they may speak for you in negotiations, and you will receive regular updates. They will take care of all the legwork involved in the process.

Spot timeshare exit scam

Scammers will claim that your timeshare is really valuable and attempt to persuade you that they can rent or sell it for a high price. Unfortunately, there is almost no chance that your timeshare can be rented out or sold because it has little to no value.

It's discouraging to learn that there aren't many possibilities for getting rid of your timeshare. Legally terminating the contract is the only method to permanently get rid of your timeshare. You may be certain that your timeshare is officially over when handled in a formal manner.

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