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How EC Global inspection works on tableware

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Tableware is an essential part of our dining experience. A perfectly functional set can elevate your meal experience. Tableware is any dish or dishware used for setting the table, serving food, and dining. It includes cutlery, glassware, serving dishes, and other items for practical and decorative purposes.

Tableware inspection is the physical inspection of related items, from the production to the delivery process. This ensures that it is of the right composition and definition per the instructions and descriptions provided to the quality control company.

The key to a good quality control process for tableware is to provide our inspectors with precise requirements on your specifications. At EC Global inspection, our quality control inspectors follow checklists that outline the best standards for any problems you require. The more thorough these checklists are, the better for EC Global inspection quality control inspectors to be able to defend the high quality of your tableware brand.

How EC Global Inspection Works on Tableware Inspection

The process of carrying out tableware inspection can be quite delicate. At EC Global Inspection, we adopt several methods to ensure a thorough examination of the production process. Some of the ways and checklists that we follow to ensure you get high-quality results to include the following:

Transportation Drop Test

A Transportation drop test is needed to determine how tableware responds to impacts like road bumps, tumbles, and other transport problems. The primary purpose of this test is quality control, enabling suppliers to establish the appropriate protection for the tableware as well as the shock resistance of the package during transportation. This guarantees that the tableware delivered to you is undamaged, and in the condition indicated.

Stability Check

A stability check is a crucial test that helps to determine how resistant the tableware is to chemical deterioration or physical breakdown. It determines if it retains its usefulness throughout its mentioned timescale and whether the materials used in its creation are stable. This means its composition is not particularly reactive in the environment or during typical use.

Product Size/Weight Measurement

Product size/weight measurement is a crucial test to determine whether the tableware is the same size and weight as specified by the factory to the quality control inspectors. It is helpful because the packaged materials are for a specific size and measurement.

Handle-bending Resistance Check

The handle bending resistance check tests tableware's handles for stability and heat resistance as part of its third-party quality control examination. Additionally, it is to determine the stability of the handles of products such as dishware, cutlery, and cups and their heat resistance, bend strength, fracture strength, resistance to fracture, and resilience of the materials used in producing the handle.

Thermal Shock Check

A thermal shock check is a test that determines the ability of the tableware to endure a sudden and significant change in the environment and temperature without experiencing physical damage or performance reduction. This test allows us at EC Global inspection and manufacturers to determine the exact use of the tableware and changes that could occur if not used in the right environment and temperature.

Tempered Glass Test

The tempered glass test is an important test used to check the quality of ceramic or glass tableware. It checks for the authenticity of the tableware, as tempered glass has a very smooth finish due to the heating and cooling process it goes through to enter a toughened state. Tempered glass is the most suitable type of glass for tableware. It is safer to have in the house and it is food safety approved.

Barcode Scan Check

A barcode scan check is a procedure that verifies whether the tableware's given barcode is legitimate. A barcode possesses a lot of information on specific tableware, including the name, code, size, and color of the item. A method of determining whether a barcode is readable and confirmed is to test how it scans.

Capacity Check

Capacity check is a test used to check the amount/volume of what a said tableware can hold or contain. It is to determine the specific gauge of substance it can accommodate. It is essential to let the end user know what to use the tableware for and how much it can contain without damage.

Wobbling Test for Free-standing Products

A table is said to be wobbling if it is making slight motions from side to side. One that is free-standing stands alone and is not connected to anything. For the free-standing tableware, a wobbling test is used to determine how stable the tableware is to avoid accidents like spills.

Leakage Test

A water leakage test looks for any fractures, holes, or other flaws that could allow the substance in the tableware to leak or escape. This test assists in ensuring that it is flawless and leak-proof.

Moisture Check for Wooden Components

Moisture check for wood components is a test used to check the amount of moisture (water) in the wood components of the tableware or wooden tableware. The moisture presence of wood depends on the temperature of the air surrounding it as well as humidity. The presence of a certain amount of moisture in tableware can affect the making, assembling, and finishing of said tableware even before it reaches you.


Tableware is an important aspect when it comes to our dining experience. It is why it is vital to ensure the best means of quality control of tableware inspection. The checklist of tableware inspection and testing involves a thorough and technical process. Irrespective of your requirements, it is critical that you, your inspection team, and your supplier know what to expect of them. You should consider engaging an independent company like EC Global Inspection to avoid costly errors in production. Our professional services will give you an edge above the competition.

We are the best option for you because here at EC Global Inspection, we are well-known for our expertise in providing outstanding and quality tableware inspections. For more information and to make inquiries, get in touch with our expert team, and let's get started.

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