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ADA Signage Requirements

16 Mar 2023, 17:47 GMT+10

Did you know that by 2027, the global signage market is expected to hit $41 billion?

Signage is one of the most critical aspects of your business. That's one of the reasons people come to your business or leave. It signifies your company or organization, displaying your goals and how your company operates.

Good signage attracts customers. Inadequate signage will leave people wondering what your business is about. Business owners need to understand that ADA signages are equally important.

In this article, we will discuss the ADA signage requirements. Let's get started!

What Is ADA Signage?

ADA signage is used to provide access and communication to people with disabilities. This includes tactile signs, braille signs, and raised letter signs. ADA signage must meet specific requirements to be compliant.

Overview of ADA Signage Requirements

ADA signage requirements are an essential compliance measure. This provides access and convenience to people with disabilities.

These regulations state that all public places must provide signage that improves accessibility. It also provides people with disabilities with a safe and effective way to navigate.

ADA requires certain signage elements to ensure that all areas of a building or other facility are accessible and safe. This includes providing permanent signs with raised tactile characters and Braille. This also includes temporary signs with a message that individuals with disabilities and visitors can easily read.

It is also important to include visual cues on the signage. Some examples are symbols, pictograms, numbers, and characters. This is important so that the signs can be understood without verbal input.

Colors should also be chosen carefully. This ensures visibility, and signs should be of a specific size and hung in locations that are easily seen and accessible.

ADA signage requirements must be followed to ensure that all individuals, regardless of ability, can maneuver around a facility like ADA signs for schools.

Penalty for ADA Signage Non-Compliance

ADA signage non-compliance carries many potential penalties. Depending on the number of violations, the severity of the penalties will vary.

Common penalties associated with ADA signage include fines, injunctions, civil damages, and attorney fees. The corrections for each violation can reach up to $75,000 and be imposed by the Department of Justice and state and local governments.

Civil damages may also be sought in court if a business is found to be in violation. ADA compliance must be taken seriously.

These Tips Will Help You Stay Compliant with ADA Signage Requirements

ADA Signage Requirements are essential to ensure accessibility for disabled individuals in all building structures. Business owners can create a welcoming and inclusive environment by adhering to these requirements.

Take the time to review your signage. Make changes as needed to ensure your accessibility standards meet ADA requirements.

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