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The Top 10 Natural Remedies for Pest Control

31 Mar 2023, 14:17 GMT+10

Most of us have come under a sticky situation when all of a sudden we have a stream of ants eating the cake we thought we will serve our guests. Or waking up we find our kitchen infested with cockroach presence scurrying all over. Or discovering that mark on our electric appliance wires and lids of cookie jars was caused by rats. 

Pests have been around and making themselves felt and often land up on domestic pets causing discomfort. Of course, sometimes you are left with no option but to call in same-day pest control Sydney services if the pests are out of control. No matter what, pests need to be tackled but in this day and age; aren't we often seeking green remedies to prevent their entry or presence in the first place? Chemicals seem harsh and have the potential to harm the environment causing health risks too.

There are a variety of green or natural solutions that have shown promise in tackling pests. The most relieving thing is, they are nontoxic yet deter pests effectively. Most of these natural ingredients are available close at hand, in fact in your kitchen! So whether it is ants, rats, or cockroaches there is a natural way. When you feel threatened by wasps or bees, there is no need to ring in bees control Sydney experts; there are handy tips to ward them off too.

Cinnamon: Essential oil of cinnamon or even ground cinnamon is effective to ward off pests. If you observe the common areas of pest activity, just using a cotton swab and applying pure essential cinnamon oil or sprinkling cinnamon powder can be very effective. 

Coffee grounds: Coffee grounds work great against ants. Sprinkle them lining areas where you find an ant trail entering your house or near their ant hills in your exterior yards or lawns. 

Cucumber: Imagine a vegetable as innocent as a cucumber can deter ants. Keep slices of it on places or surfaces frequented by ants. 

Bay leaves: Bay leaves have a distinct fragrance that deters pests that thrive in closets and cupboards including moths. Just place them in these spaces or using tape, stick them on containers. Replace them after a while when their fragrance wanes out. 

Cayenne pepper: Sprinkling this in areas of pets' activities keeps them away. It works particularly on ant and cockroach infestation. 

Banana: If you have aphids in your garden merely placing a banana peel under the soil close to the plant stems deters them. Also, it enriches the soil with nutrients. 

Cloves: If you have been lately seeing ladybirds all over your home, then a simple remedy is sitting right under your nose. Just keep some bags of cloves near areas they have infested. You may also sprinkle clove oil. The bugs are repelled by the strong scent and leave quickly. 

Basil: You are having an alarming issue with flies and are just about to get immediate help calling same-day pest control Sydney services. Well take heart; you might have solved this problem on your own if you had planted sweet basil in your kitchen garden. Just keeping a basil plant in a lighted area of your door would be enough to repel flies away.  

Citrus essential oils: Essential oils of citrus fruits like orange and lemon work great on pests. Combine 5 drops of essential oil with 1 quart of water and 5 drops of soap to ward off spiders. You may also squirt a few drops of pure lemon juice around crevices and cracks. Also in bookcases, closed cabinets or cupboards placing orange or lemon peels and cedar deters pests including spiders and moths.

Apple cider vinegar: This works wonders on irritants like fruit flies raiding your fruit bowls. Take a small bowl and pour in a bit of apple cider vinegar. Cover the top with plastic wrap. Puncture a few holes on top. This will attract fruit flies. Once they get inside they cannot escape. 

A few more options to check pest presence that you may try

White vinegar: Mix a bit of essential oil with vinegar and spray on areas where pests infest. This is an effective deterrent. You may use vinegar to wash floors too to keep off ants. 

Baking soda and sugar: Sugar pulls in cockroaches and baking soda kills these pests in no time. Once you discover where cockroaches are thriving in large numbers just sprinkling this blend gets rid of the roaches. 

Using plants to repel: You might avoid calling bees to control Sydney specialists once you know of a good remedy to deter bees in your home. Growing plants like mint, citronella, and eucalyptus keeps bees away. Citronella candles may also be used to keep bees off your property.

Cornmeal:  Okay, so you cannot seem to stop those ants from being active. Well, cornmeal is the answer. Place cornmeal around areas ants is active. They eat it and will carry it back to their nest. But they cannot digest it. 

Fresh herbs: You are having a fun bonfire when mosquitoes start attacking you and your group. Just throw in some fresh sage or rosemary in the bonfire and see the mosquitoes leave. 

Onion: Keeping onion slices in a bowl of water deters spiders from entering your home. 

Garlic: Place garlic cloves on shelves, cupboards, or corners to ward off pests. When they get dried, change them with fresh ones.

In case of honey bees invading your property, instead of calling bees control Sydney service specialists, call a beekeeper. They are more than happy to come and relocate the hive. Many even might do this for honey bees for free. 

So now that you know there are quite a few options you can use to drive away insects, critters, and pests using environment-friendly natural remedies. But keeping homes neat and hygienic goes a long way in preventing pest infestation. You just need to apply natural remedies more frequently. Also, take care while children are around as they can get at risk of these treatments. If you do not have kids, use borax to work on cockroaches and ants. When mixed with sugar it attracts the insects and kills them. Finally, nature is a marvel and has remedies to control all organisms. 


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