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As an owner of an HVAC system, you must have become conscious of the importance of air ducts. You would also have been told that regular ductwork cleaning enhances your HVAC unit's efficiency and improves indoor air. There are many who view duct and vent cleaning as unnecessary expenses. There are also many who vouch for that by regular maintenance by duct cleaning Melbourne service experts your HVAC gives you better service.

So looking into the merits and demerits of duct cleaning, sifting fiction from facts is a bit tricky. Let us look at a few myths and misconceptions and get some clarity on questions floating around. Do you clean them yourself or do you rush for duct repair Melbourne services in case of breakdowns?

Hiring professional duct cleaning Melbourne service experts gives you a safer home environment. Air ducts clogged with pollen, mildew, mold, dust, or even pest infestation need cleaning as all these contaminants get re-circulated inside your rooms. You might look up several online sites for useful information on air duct cleaning with environmental protection agencies. But the internet also abounds with misinformation leaving homeowners and consumers confused. 

Myth: Air ducts are the biggest contributors to dirt and dust in your home

Apart from air ducts, there are other elements making a contribution to your indoor air quality. Contaminants from activities both indoors and outdoors like smoking tobacco, using cleaning solutions, cooking, etc can add to contaminants just as much as dirty ducts can.

Fact: Improper ductwork cleaning can aggravate indoor air issues

While selecting a professional company to clean your air ducts, ensure it is a reliable company with trained technical personnel. If vacuum collection falls short in its proper execution, it will end up making your indoor air dustier and more polluted if you had left the ducts unattended. Also, improperly trained servicemen can damage components to your ducts and HVAC system. This again can make you rush to duct repair Melbourne services causing added expenses. 

Myth: All professional air duct service providers give the same standard of service

This is a very important point to understand and implement. As a consumer of services being selective is your right. It is advised by industry experts that homeowners take quotes and written estimates from 3-4 different companies and then take a decision. You may ask the company for a free inspection and verify why they think your ducts need cleaning with proof of contamination. Avoid companies that make too tall claims about the efficacy of their services or suspiciously inexpensive schemes. Checking a company's website and reading reviews and complaints is a good practice to get validation about the professionalism of the company. You can check their client list and ask around. Before you make a final go-ahead gets a written contract detailing the scope of work and total cost. 

Fact: Look for signs and then consider having your air ducts professionally cleaned

You should check if the air ducts are clogged with excessive quantities of dust, dirt, and debris. You might even find your ductwork infested by critters, insects, or rats. Do you find quite a bit of mold growth on the sheet metal inside your ducts or any other HVAC component? If yes, then you must go forward and seek help from a good duct cleaning Melbourne service provider.

Myth: You do not require professional ductwork cleaners to clean air ducts

Yes, you must have come across many DIY YouTube videos giving online suggestions on air duct cleaning. But this could be very unsafe as inexperience has pitfalls. A professional hand is a must or else disaster can strike. Improper usage causes damage to your unit and ducts wasting money and time. DIY may look easier and cheaper, but it is risky and might end you with more costs if you damage it or need to replace a component. If your ductwork is infested by rats, a DIY cleaning will not be enough, increasing the chances of re-infestation. If an animal dies inside the expertise with which a professional cleaner can remove and sanitize is far superior to any efforts you can make. At day end removing germs and bacteria from ductwork is necessary to enjoy clean and hygienic indoor air. This is something only professional cleaners can give.

Fact: Regular changing air filters prevent air duct clogging

Being in touch with HVAC servicemen and changing air filters at regular intervals is a good practice. Air filters of the highest quality should be used as they remove and filter contaminants keeping the indoor air quality fresh and healthy for you to live and breathe in. 

Myth: Air duct cleaning makes your home messy

A well-reputed and professional company with a trained team ensures excellent execution and well-cleaned ducts. They operate skillfully and do the cleaning in an organized and neat way causing no disruptions to your interior spaces or their cleanliness. They use state-of-the-art tools and methods to clean that improve air quality. If you still doubt their execution process you can ask them about the cleaning methods and safety protocol prior to selecting them. Thorough professionals will patiently answer all your queries with proper feedback and clarification. 

Fact: Cleaning ductwork prevents mold growth in future

If your HVAC system has seen some mold development in the past, a good professional cleanup from a reliable company can prevent any fungal growth to reappear in your air ducts. Humid and moisture buildup in HVAC units and air ducts make them fertile zones for mold growth. The most obvious signs of mold growth are when you get a distinct musty odor from your air vents. Molds spread quickly and it is not easy to get rid of them. 

So when the cleaners come they ensure every space the past and present mold growth has been cleaned and then properly disinfected. An improper cleaning or inadequate sanitization can leave a few spores causing them to reappear again. Professional cleaning involves chemicals and disinfectant solution that removes all remnants of molds to give you back a sanitized air duct. 

To conclude daily we have an excess of information streaming into our lives and senses. Much of it is true but many of it is half-truths or misconceptions. It is prudent to take some time and find ways to process that information and use it to our advantage. A well-informed consumer is a safer and wiser one when making decisions. 

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