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Pascal Najadi - Beating All Odds for Career Advancement

31 Mar 2023, 21:09 GMT+10

Navigating education and career paths entails making important decisions and overcoming obstacles on the way to achieve your goals. Young people from underserved populations are especially vulnerable to the obstacles that can prevent them from successfully navigating their paths.

Career development is more than just getting promoted each year. It's also about having a long-term plan for your career that includes opportunities for advancement within your current position rather than risking burnout by trying to do too much at once. Even if you are not actively looking for a new job, it is critical to focus on career development. This is why Pascal Najadi, a banker, film producer, and author decided to unleash his talents and explore the diverse opportunities that the world could offer him for strengthening his career achievements.

Born on August 20, 1967, in Lucerne, Switzerland, Pascal Najadi is a retired Swiss investment banker, author, and film producer, who is currently working as a peace and bitcoin activist around the world. Najadi is best known for his work as a businessman and investment advisor, who possesses extensive experience in investment banking, public relations, and marketing. He completed his initial education at Military Service and School, in Switzerland and then went to Institut auf dem Rosenberg, St. Gallen, Switzerland to study economics. Later, he started his career doing an all-around internship at UBS AG, Zurich, Switzerland, in 1987.

In 1989, Najadi He began working as a public relations assistant for Mr. Klaus J. Sthlker at Klaus J. Sthlker AG in Zollikon, Switzerland. Later that year, he was hired as an account executive for sales of open-end mutual funds to Swiss banks by Orbitex Finanz AG in Zurich, Switzerland. Najadi joined Merrill Lynch Capital Markets AG, Zurich, Switzerland, in the mid-1990s as an A. Vice President, Co-Head of Debt Capital Markets Swiss Francs, and was later promoted to Vice President, Head of Capital Markets for Central Europe at Merrill Lynch & Co., London, UK, in 1994.

With a professional career spanning over 25 years in banking, Najadi worked at Investment Advisors Zurich AG in Zurich and Singapore Republic from 2009 to 2012, where he held various positions such as a partner, member supervisory board, and MAS & FINMA (Financial Market Supervisory Authority) licensed. In 2017, Najadi began working as a Strategic Advisor to the CEO at RBR Capital Advisors AG, Ksnacht, Zurich. In 2018, he retired early to work as a peace and bitcoin activist. He was also a bidder for the Portsmouth Football Club, along with Keith Harris of London City Investment Bank, who also fixed the Chelsea Football Club for Roman Abramovich.

In 1997, Najadi was appointed to the Board of Directors of Dresdner Bank London, where he was also liable for the Russian Federation and in charge of Sovereign Advisory and he remained in that position until 2003. He joined his family merchant banking operation, AIAK Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2004, and worked alongside his father, Hussain Najadi, until his father was assassinated in 2013. The following year, he renamed AIAK Malaysia Najadi & Partners AG, Zug, Switzerland. He sold the company in 2017.

In 2013, Najadi's father, Hussain Najadi, the Chairman & CEO of AIAK Group based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was assassinated by gunshots in broad daylight in Kuala Lumpur's city center. Since then, Najadi has worked tirelessly to discover the truth behind this extrajudicial killing. He has protested and spoken out in order to obtain justice for his late father. During the course of the investigation, Najadi claimed, "My father died as a result of his efforts to expose corruption in Malaysia. I feel safe and protected here (in Moscow). I can only return to Malaysia after we figure out who and why." He further added, "The world comes to a halt when such horror terrorizes you." His security advisor advised him not to return to Malaysia until the killer was apprehended. As a result, he was unable to attend his father's funeral service. Najadi took his case to the United Nations in 2016 to seek justice as his family was upset about the lack of investigation into the case's background and the fact that they were never questioned about possible motives.

Other than being a profound investment banker, Najadi explored his film production capabilities as well. He took his first step by producing the Swiss cinema film Grounding: The Last Days of Swissair (2006), which was voted one of the best films in Swiss film history. According to an interview with the Swiss private television station Stricker TV in the autumn of 2022, Najadi has begun production on a new Swiss docu-drama The Najadi Assassination. According to Swiss film society, the docu-drama will be about his late father Hussain Najadi's assassination and the international 1MDB scandal. It is also expected to shed light on the roles that Swiss banks played in being caught by Swiss regulator FINMA, Singaporean regulator MAS, the US Department of Justice, and other international law enforcement agencies. Among these banks are UBS, Credit Suisse, BSI, Coutts & Co, Falcon Bank, AmBank, and the American investment bank behemoth Goldman Sachs. Michael Steiner, a Swiss filmmaker and director, is a co-producer alongside fellow Swiss co-producers Andrea Neuhaus and Karl Bucher. The screenwriter is said to be Australian Silvana McCausland, and the producer is Pascal Najadi.

Nevertheless, Najadi discovered his expertise by exploring both, the corporate and entertainment world. Undoubtedly, he proved to the world that stretching one's comfort zone only results in the emergence of more opportunities.


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