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Men's Earrings: A Guide on Placement and Style

07 Apr 2023, 21:48 GMT+10

The world of men's jewelry is as stylish. It doesn't matter if you want an eye-catching piece or delicate glimmer earrings are a hint of elegance and personality with unique styles -- no matter what gender. Jewelry is an investment as well as an investigation project. You have to choose what type of piercings you want and the best place to put them.

Find out the ins and outs of men earrings to make an informed choice before making an appointment.

The Best Types Of Earrings For Men

Numerous materials and styles are available for men earrings. Once you have identified the type of material you want, you can review the various styles. In the end, if you can notice a piercing you want to have, it could be suitable for males. Whatever the case it is, these are the typical forms and looks that earrings are known to have.


The person who pierces your ear will likely insert a starter stud inside your ear, regardless of the location. It makes it easier to clean and maintain over the healing process. Studs can vary from flat discs to diamonds, spheres, and diamonds. For those who want something more unique, there are different shapes, such as pyramids and cubes. However, studs must sit flat on the ear and are among the more elegant options for earring design for men.

Hoops and Dangles

They are among the most inventive and imaginative products available. Hoops are available in all sizes, sizes, weights, and circumferences, depending on how flashy and stylish your sense of style is. Some dangling earrings come with chains, charms and even embellishments such as beads and feathers for those who prefer that. However, you must ensure that there is a sturdy closure or clasp to hold the earrings in place.


The popularity of ear stretching increased during the past decade, influenced by bands like the punk movement. It is more laborious and could be painful, based on your method. Always consult a professional regarding the process and the time frame to stretch between sizes. There are clear and transparent tunnels and plugs which cover the entire space. It is possible to want tapers that are able to slide through gauges, but they can also form shapes similar to bone spirals and silver cones to make a striking appearance.

There are numerous options for earring styles for men, including clips, chains, cuffs, magnetic, and novelty earrings. These are, however, the most popular options, except if you want to look deeper into other earring styles that are more unique.

There are some who might think about the material or even look due to health reasons; for instance, you may have an allergic reaction to titanium. It is also possible to pick an option or material according to your taste or what is pleasing to your skin. You might choose piercings that aren't entangled within your hair. Whatever your reason, the choice of silver, gold, stainless steel ceramic and glass are all possible options to choose from for earrings for men, which are just some of the choices.

What Placement Options Are There?

The majority of people think of hearing ear piercings. They assume that the lobe is their only choice. The ear, however, is filled with intriguing and creative piercing options. These are among the most popular possibilities for placement; however, If you have a spot in your ear that wants to be pierced the ear, your piercer could create it.


Depending on the size of your lobes, putting multiple piercings around the lobe is possible. This is different if you want to expand your ear to check the gauges or you want to add a unique bar piercing like a transverse ear lobe. It's a bar that runs through the lower part of the lobe.


The piercing is inserted into the ovular or circular piece of cartilage above the ear hole. It is also possible to get an anti-tragus which passes through the jutting portion of cartilage over the earlobe.

Conch or orbital:

A piercing that can be a hoop or an ear stud. The stud is placed in the ear, above the lobe. The ring may be inserted into it to cover the cartilage outside.


This is usually a piercing that sits in the middle of the ear. It's a bar that passes through the cartilage's inside.

The cartilage or helix:

This refers to punctures in the outer rim or cartilage inside the ear. Getting an ear helix forward as an ear stud or hoop within the area above the tragus is also possible.


These bar piercings are made through the piece of the cartilage covering the ear's upper portion. It is located above the tragus.


Sometimes called scaffolds or bars, the bars extend out through two holes above the ears. They're fixed through two balls.


Known for its capacity to relieve headaches. This piercing, typically referred to as a hoop, is carried out through the cartilage of the ear's inner.


Plate perforations can be placed flat between the ear and the face using surfaces.

Frequent inquiries about men's earrings concern how painful they are pierced. Every piercing will be different, and every person's tolerance for pain can be different. Discuss with the piercers how they'd rate the discomfort for each location in light of their experiences and their clients' feedback.

The pain is usually less if you choose to schedule your appointment with a skilled piercer with qualifications and training -- that means you should always go to a puncturing location that utilizes needles in place of guns to pierce. Needles do not hurt and are cleaner, making the healing time less painful and easier to tolerate. The duration of healing depends on the location and post-care and can range between four weeks and one year.


What kind of earrings would look best on an individual?

Like all other accessories, earrings must match your style, specifically facial shape, skin tone, the style you prefer, and outfit. Dangly or dangly earrings tunnels, hoops or even tunnels, for each man and woman, the selection of the most beautiful earring for you is personal.

Do men wear two or three earrings?

It's all to your preference and the style of earrings. Simple earrings in dark colours are a low-key and reserved look, So don't hesitate to wear one pair. Gold hoops are somewhat overwhelming sometimes, but one should be plenty.


Men's earrings come in a variety of styles and materials, and it's important to choose the right type and placement for your personal style and comfort. Popular styles include studs, hoops, dangles, and gauges, while placement options include the lobes, tragus, conch, helix, and more. It's important to consider factors like allergies, hair entanglement, and pain tolerance when choosing earrings and a skilled piercer should always be consulted.

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