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Job scheduling software for small business

13 May 2023, 00:24 GMT+10

Small businesses today find it quite difficult to stand up to the high competition in the market. Therefore, you can look for ways to improve the efficiency of business processes organization. Job scheduling software will help you with this task. In this article, you'll learn about the benefits of job scheduling software for small businesses, read about three top job scheduling software in the market, and find out how to choose the right software for your business.

Benefits job scheduling app brings to your business

The benefits of a scheduling app for small businesses cannot be overestimated. When using such an app, business owners may very soon notice such positive changes:

Better time management

Managers no longer need to waste time manually drawing up a work plan for company employees on paper or in online spreadsheets. Automation of such a process makes it possible to perform it much faster. And the time saved you can spend on solving more complex tasks for business development. 

Reduced cost

With a job scheduling application, business owners can control the exact number of employees needed to perform a specific task. This way they can reduce overstaffing and save the cost of performing the job.

Improved communication

Employees have access to work scheduling and can see all updates in real-time and receive information about their work schedule. This allows you to reduce confusion and misunderstandings that can negatively affect business operations.

Improved customer service

Job scheduling software can help businesses better manage their resources. As a result, jobs are done more efficiently and this leads to higher customer satisfaction rates.

Here are just a few of the benefits that a work scheduling application will bring to a company. As a result, work efficiency will increase, which will lead to more clients. Below you can learn about some of the most popular job schedulers.

5 best job scheduling applications

There are many scheduling applications for small businesses on the market. In this section, you can read about the five most popular applications on the market today. In addition to their main function of automating planning, they have various additional functions that will help facilitate and accelerate not only the creation of the schedule but also the entire workflow for managers and workers of the company.


Orderry is a cloud-based job scheduling software designed for small businesses. Using the Orderry job schedule software you can do the following:

Track orders. You can track the status of each order in real-time. This allows you to make some changes in the process, manage the team more effectively, as well as keep your customers informed about the status of their orders.

Control financial processes. Orderry job scheduling software integrates with accounting software and provides features for invoicing and payment processing. It means, you can easily create and send invoices, track payments, and receive a financial report.

Manage inventory. You can get information in real time about stock levels. If any important tools are out of stock, you can create a purchase order and replenish supplies at any time you need.


Calendly is very easy-to-use web-based job scheduling enterprise software. You can access it through its homepage, using its browser extension (it is integrated with Gmail and LinkedIn), and having installed a mobile App for Apple iOS, as well as for Android. Let's take a closer look at what this application can do:

Integrate with major calendar platforms. Calendly can integrate with Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, and ither popular calendar platforms. This allows you to track appointments with teams and customers in one place and avoid double booking.

Detect the time zone. This is especially useful for businesses with remote teams. Calendly detects the time zone of all meeting participants, so, the appointment is scheduled at the correct time. This allows you to avoid miscommunication.

Create reports. You can receive detailed analytics and report on the work processes. Here are included such metrics as including booking rates, no-show rates, and conversion rates. Reports are a very useful tool for making informed decisions.

Acuity Scheduling

It is a cloud-based work scheduling software. The additional features of this application allow you to do the following:

Integrate with calendar. Acuity Scheduling integrates with such widely used calendar platforms as Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple CalendarWhen you create an appointment, it is automatically saved to your and your client's or employee's calendar.

Receive payments online. This software integrates with popular payment services such as Stripe, Square, and PayPal. This simplifies the process of paying for your services and allows you to keep your payment information in one place.

Customize appointments. Creating a schedule with Acuity Scheduling allows you to use individual settings, such as specifying different prices for the work performed, adjusting the duration of the appointment, entering additional information about the client, etc.

Set automated reminders. When you create an appointment, all attendees will receive an automatic notification. A reminder will also be automatically sent before the meeting. Your clients and employees will no longer forget about your meetings. 


The ClockShark scheduling app is right for you if you have a business in fields such as construction, landscaping, and home services. Here you may be interested in such additional features:

Mobile app. This app allows you to track time spent on a task, update your job status, and so on. In addition, this app continues to perform its functions even while offline.

GPS tracking. With this feature, you can stay in touch with your employees and get information from them about the performance of the work, even when they are on the job site.

Automated timesheets. You no longer have to enter all of your task data manually. Remember, the more processes are automated, the less likely you are to make a mistake, and as a result, the information that you, your employees, and your customers receive is more accurate and reliable.

Payment features. ClockShark job scheduling app integrates with accounting and payroll software, such as Sage 100 Contractor, Xero, ADP, Paychex, etc. So, in addition to scheduling, you can also use this app for billing jobs, receiving payments, transferring money, and other financial transactions.


Connecteam is a very easy-to-use planning application. Let's see what makes the job scheduling software Connecteam so user-friendly:

Intuitive interface. Even if your employees do not have special technical knowledge, they will have no problem dealing with this application. You, in turn, do not need to spend time training your staff.

Time tracking. With this feature, you will be able to monitor the working time of your employees in real-time.

Reports and analytics. You can specify what information you need to see in your reports. For example, it can be attendance records or task completion rates.

Mobile app. If your team works remotely, you will be able to appreciate the benefits of a mobile app. You or your employees will be able to enter tasks, add additional work information, and change the task's status.

How to choose the best work scheduling software

To get advantages from using a job scheduling software you need to choose the one that fits your company's needs the best. It is also recommended to consider the following factors:

  1. User-friendly interface. Your employees may need extra time to get to know a complex program. If the task scheduler is user-friendly and intuitive, even employees without a lot of technical knowledge can work with it without any problem.
  2. Customizability. The needs of your business can change. This is why a good task-scheduling application should be customizable to suit your specific business needs.
  3. Integration. A good job scheduling application should integrate with other software your team uses every day. Otherwise, you can have trouble performing tasks, such as creating meetings, creating invoices, etc.
  4. Mobile compatibility. A good job scheduling software should be mobile-friendly, so you and your team can access it from anywhere, anytime, using a smartphone or tablet.
  5. Cost. Most applications offer a trial period of 7 or 14 days. You will be able to test the basic features of the app. Then you can choose the right subscription plan for you.

These are the main factors to pay attention to when choosing suitable software. Still, it is better to test and compare several applications before making your final choice.

Bottom line

By using job scheduling software, you can speed up the work scheduling process, minimizing scheduling errors and eliminating misunderstandings between the employees. As a result, the team will work faster and more harmoniously. The quality of services and products increases. Your clients will come back to you and recommend your company to their acquaintances. In order to increase the company's performance, you need to choose the right application.

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